I'm an eclectic, always on the edge between critical-thought/meaningful practice, art/design, silence/communication, nature/humans.
I’m looking for a mindful experience of life and I wrap-up my findings in stories, to share with others and to grow together.

I explored the perception of the self, then, I moved to the space around us, how we know and interact with it.
Space overlaps with nature. Nature overlaps with silence. For many years I proposed this movement with videos, installations and performances.

I had a look on the world of things. I learned from design to empathise with who uses products, with their needs and to tell meaningful stories ,
a red line proposing a difference between something for someone and something just for selling.

I spent quite some time in experimenting space, geographical, physical, haptical space and I went so deep to find the spiritual space.
This led to the current research where photography is the dominant medium.